Pen & Process Launches Tracing Remnants

Tracing Remnants is an original illustrative series by Pen & Process that combines vector line-art, masked photography, and tattoos. The process is documented here and prints are available in our Etsy shop.

Boom Boom Burlesque - Tracing Remnants - Illustration
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We're open for business!

Pen and Process have opened their very own Etsy store!

Our First Show!

Pen and Process' first show will be at the fabulous Redux Boutique and Gallery on Friday, Sept 7th at 6pm. In addition to all the regular super fun times, there will also be an absinthe pour and a DJ Rafa spinning, so come on down!

Pen and Process: Opening at Redux

Darlene Schaper is an assemblage artist combining decorative elements and embellishments to objects, creating 3-dimensional worlds of wonder. Using Vintage fur, lace, house-parts, antique brass and ephemera and much more, she re-invents obscure antiques and oddities into precious taxidermies, sculptures, shrines and reliquaries. She uses her artistic talents to inform the viewer through art about our ever growing waste threat. Schaper makes sculpture from items that are on their last stop before becoming landfill from the Goodwill Outlet, curbside on trash day, craigslist free ads. Her animal human hybrids cleverly made up of many parts and pieces of discarded items point to reminding us of our connection with the earth and other creatures affected by our actions.

Bio: Darlene Schaper is a Native Oregonian and a graduate of the Pacific NW College of Art. Living in rainy Portland gives her plenty of time to make art being stuck indoors for most of the year. The lack of sunshine has had its effect as Darlene inserts a darker side that is juxtaposed into her sugar sweet paintings and sculptures. She has had her work published and written about in Ceramics Monthly, Art Doll Quarterly, Somerset Studio, and Venus magazines,The Oregonian and Hillsboro Argus Newspapers. Darlene is the creator of the first Women’s History Card Deck that has been published and is now available in stores and on her Etsy site. She has appeared on the DIY Network’s Craft Lab with a show focusing on some of her favorite techniques and a showing of her artwork.

Pen & Process is the dynamic duo, Wendi Anderson & Lucas Swick. They have collaborated in designing intricate jewelry from laser-cut plastics, as well as a new line of Absinthe spoons. The spoons are made to order and are as beautiful as they are functional. They come in a handmade box and make a wonderful gift or class up any cocktail party. A variety of jewelry designs will be produced in limited editions and all their work is to be unveiled for the first time exclusively at Redux.

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